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Human Resource Advantage conducts training for companies who desire to provide their staff (both management and non-management) the essential tools necessary to perform their job to the fullest extent possible. Such tools include the basics of employment law, and the essential fundamentals required to be in compliance. Our goal is to deliver quality training presentations that will improve performance and enhance employee skills. Each training session is customized to incorporate your company’s unique work environment and philosophy. Below is a sample list of training that is offered. Please note, Human Resource Advantage can create a training topic specific to your needs and organizational structure.

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Training Course Details

Managing HR Compliance in a Department of One

Some companies have an entire HR department staffed by several well-trained and knowledgeable HR professionals to manage compliance issues, keep paperwork in order, and help supervisors deal with employee issues. What if it's just you? And what if your main job is doing something completely different, like accounting, finance or general operations? You may not know what you don't know regarding employment law and regulations. Keep your company out of hot water by learning more about compliance with the FLSA, FMLA, ADA, Workers' Compensation laws, and record retention rules. We also cover best practices in recruiting, managing and paying overtime, and employee handbooks.

Training Session Samples




I. An Overview of Harassment Law

  1. Who are “Protected Classes”
  2. A Definition of Unlawful Harassment
  3. Examples of Unlawful Harassment
  4. Circumstances Where Unlawful Harassment Occurs


II. Employee Obligations Under the Law

  1. Know Workplace Policy
  2. Confront Incidents of Unlawful Harassment
  3. Report without Retaliation
  4. Attend Training
  5. Effectively Perform Your Job
  6. Show Respect


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Driver Safety Training

The purpose of this training is to ensure:

Safety — Our most important goal is the SAFETY of employees. As an employee, you are one of the MOST important assets that we have.

Guidance — We want to provide guidance on the proper use of company vehicles.

Cost — Vehicle accidents are costly to the company, but more importantly, they may result in injury to you or others.

Driver Responsibility — It is the employee’s “driver” responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner and to drive defensively to prevent injuries and property damage.

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Documentation and Record Retention

DOs of “Written” Counseling

Do…     Specify date, time, and location of infraction and the specific nature of the infraction.

Do…     Check the employee’s history. Warnings should be sequential and include the steps of progressive discipline.

Do…     State the next step of discipline should the employee repeat the infraction (i.e. final written warning or further disciplinary action up to and including termination).

Do…     Ask the employee to sign the warning form. Should the employee refuse to sign, you may write “employee refused to sign” in the space and have a witness initial that the employee received a copy of the notice.

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COBRA Obligations of Employer

Session Agenda:

  • Purpose of COBRA being enacted and what Federal law requires of employers
  • What employers are covered by the act
  • State laws regarding continuation of insurance when COBRA may not be applicable
  • Recognize who is a qualified beneficiary
  • Discussion of COBRA qualifying events
  • Explanation of duration of coverage
  • Examples of the appropriate notices to send and when to send them
  • Recognize when COBRA elections can be made and how the cost of coverage is paid

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