HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week

Updating Your Anti-Harassment Policy

If you haven’t revisited your company’s anti-harassment policy recently, it may be time to do so as having an outdated policy could be costly. When revisiting your policy, it’s important to remember not to limit it to sexual harassment and to address all potential kinds of harassment. Make sure that it is understood by employees by using clear language and avoiding technical legal definitions. Policies should include examples of conduct that is prohibited and should be clear as to what constitutes harassment.

Policies should also include multiple reporting structures to ensure top management is fully informed as issues arise. HR Advantage provides our clients with an 800 number they can give to their employees. When varied and third party reporting structures are in place, employees are rarely able to claim they had no opportunity to report an alleged infraction. HR Advantage is here is assist in updating anti-harassment policies to mitigate risk. Read more.

For extra protection for your company and your employees, schedule anti-harassment training. Training is affordable and easy to implement. Our experienced advisors will come on site to your business and set up everything you need to provide training that includes examples, reporting structures, situational behavior training, documentation of training given, and meaningful discussion with your team.

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