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Can an Employer Require Attendance at Social Functions?

Social functions are often hosted by employers to celebrate holidays, for team building purposes, or to boost morale. Can employees be required to attend? In most cases, yes. However, the employer must first consider any legal issues that could arise before requiring employees to attend. If attendance is required, the employer should consider ways to encourage and motivate employees to participate. The company should organize the event from an employee-relations perspective and should involve employees from multiple departments in planning it, if possible.

Policy regarding mandatory social functions should be established in the company handbook. The policy should include a statement of its purpose, which events are covered, and a declaration that employees are required to attend. Employers should compensated employees, as necessary, and should make exceptions, when appropriate, such as if the employee has a faith-based reason or a physical impairment that would make attendance difficult or uncomfortable. It’s important that employees provide a safe and respectable environment and keep employee well-being in mind during mandatory social events. Read more.

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