HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week:  Sourcing Talent Through ‘Returnship’ Programs

Are you looking for creative ways to source talent?  Some US companies are taking a unique approach to workforce development by creating ‘returnship’ programs for highly qualified professionals re-entering the workforce.

In response to the crunch for talent in the US labor market, companies have launched returnship programs to draw in applicants who may want to come back to work but have been out of the office for some time. For example, women who have postponed their careers are a huge pool of untapped talent. There are 2.6 million women who are not in the workforce, hold bachelor’s degrees, are between ages 25 and 54, and have children under age 18. Eighty percent of those women are open to a conversation about returning to work.

Consider adding a paid returnship program to your company to capture an untapped pool of candidates who can add value to your business. Read more about returnship programs.




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