HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week – Flexibility & Autonomy: Key Ingredients in the Gig Economy’s Secret Sauce

New research conducted by SHRM and SAP SuccessFactors suggests that some common thinking about external workers, or “gig workers,” simply doesn’t hold up. Despite the popular perception that most external workers can’t find a steady full-time job, the majority (74 percent) indicated that is not the case.

When asked what persuaded them to become an external worker, respondents cited three top reasons:

  • Setting my own schedule (49 percent)
  • Choosing how many hours I work (40 percent)
  • Working from any location (33 percent)

Workers and organizations shared two major reasons for their interest in external work: autonomy and flexibility. Workers want flexibility in hours and location; employers appreciate the flexibility to increase and reduce their workforce based on business demands.  External work arrangements offer autonomy by shifting the focus from time spent to quality of work. Read more…


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