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HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week: Holiday Office Parties – How to Minimize Employer Liability

Holiday parties, including work-related parties, are now in full swing. Workplace celebrations can foster positive fellowship and boost morale.  But sometimes too much celebrating can blur the lines of appropriate workplace conduct.  Here are some tips to mitigate your risks as an employer:

  • Ensure employees are aware of the organization’s code of conduct and policies
  • Address social-event behavior in your code of conduct
  • Make the event voluntary – not everyone celebrates the holidays
  • Avoid creating a nightclub atmosphere – need we say more???
  • Involve your diversity and inclusion team in the party planning
  • Consider reducing the size of the party from a companywide function to smaller gatherings of between 10 and 40 people – this helps bring the most value out of workplace gatherings

Source:  SHRM

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