HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week: Build Relationships with Candidates You Don’t Hire

Are you staying connected with your past job candidates?

A survey conducted by Future Workplace found that candidates spend an average of 3-4 hours responding to just one job opportunity. Yet, 65 percent say they never–or rarely–receive notice about the status of their applications. In today’s market for workforce, it’s important to stay connected with candidates—you never know when they might return with more qualifications or refer someone who may be a good fit for your company.  Additionally, those candidates may one day be your customers. To grow your relationships with candidates, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be courteous.  It may not be possible to contact every applicant, but is expected to contact every interviewee to let them know the status of their application.
  • Be honest with candidates about why they weren’t a good fit.
  • Communicate when a candidate takes the time to communicate with you.  Don’t “ghost” anyone.
  • Stay engaged with them – invite past candidates to receive your newsletters, engage on social media, and attend company events.

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