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HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week: Trouble with ‘Ghosting’? It Could Be Your Industry

Interview no-shows, air silence after the job offer, absent on the first day of work—never to be seen again.  Sound familiar? These days, ‘ghosting’ behaviors are more common among job candidates, and as research shows, even more specific to certain industries. A 2019 Knowledge Academy survey of 1,325 full time employees revealed that ghosting is more prevalent in advertising, marketing, public relations and media sectors.

The research also indicates a relationship between employer ghosting behaviors and candidate behaviors within some industries. In the not-so-distant past, it wasn’t uncommon for applicants to never hear from employers after an interview, and for recruiters to dodge phone calls from candidates waiting to hear the status of their application. The ghosting trend has come to a significant cost to recruiters and employers, causing them to rethink their own practices with job candidates, as seen in the 2019 study by Knowledge Academy.

ghosting chart.jpg

Source:  SHRM

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