HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week: Coronavirus Prevention & Planning – Employers should follow interim guidance of the CDC to prevent workplace exposures to acute respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19. To prevent stigma and discrimination, do not make determinations of risk based on race or country of origin, and be sure to maintain confidentiality of those with confirmed COVID-19.

  • Actively encourage sick employees to stay home
  • Separate and/or send home sick employees
  • Educate employees on respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene
  • Ask employees to use only their own work stations and to clean them regularly
  • Offer remote work when feasible
  • Perform routine environmental cleaning
  • Consider cancelling largely attended conferences or events
  • Plan for how your business will operate if there is increasing absenteeism due to illness
  • Employees who are well but who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 should notify their supervisor and refer to CDC guidance
  • If an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, inform fellow employees of their possible exposure but maintain confidentiality as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Employees exposed to a co-worker with confirmed COVID-19 should refer to CDC for guidance.

Visit the CDC website for complete details and guidance on how to develop an Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan specific to employers.

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