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HR Tip of the Week

HR Tip of the Week: Missouri Law on Paid Time off for Voting

Many employees will be casting their vote on or before Nov. 3, but will they have time to vote? Missouri law gives employees the right to take time off work, without fear of retaliation, for the civic responsibility of voting.

Employees may take up to three hours off from work to vote unless the polls are open for three nonworking hours before or after the employee’s work shift. For example, if the employee gets off work (normally) at 5pm and the polls close at 7pm, they would need one hour of paid time off work to allow for three hours to vote.

The employer may specify the three hours that the employee may take off for voting. An employee taking time off to vote must request such time off before Election Day. Time off for voting must be paid.

Source: Lexology

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