HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of the Week: Ideal Attributes in the Remote Worker! 

COVID-19 has created a fast-track for employers to deploy remote work within their organizations. Industry forecasters believe a significant percentage of work will continue to be performed remotely in the years ahead, even after the coronavirus threat is contained. With this rapid shift in work environments, what should recruiters be looking for in the ideal remote worker?

Here are the top soft skills that will create an upper-hand for remote workers:

Adaptability– when issues arise such as technological failures or other daily obstacles, can the worker execute an adequate level of problem-solving?

Self-Motivation– In a remote world, quality takes precedence over quantity. Does the worker possess the discipline to get the job done without supervisors standing by? Can they roll with the distractions of working from home and independently seek out a balance?

Communication– Remote work makes it easy to relegate all communications via email or IM. Effective communicators know when it’s time to stop typing and pick up the phone or video call to collaborate with others.

Collaboration– find ways to get your team connected and give them opportunities to work together on tasks and projects, even if it’s a remote collaboration!


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