HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week: How to help your employees combat Seasonal Affective Disorder in the workplace!

With the start of Winter less than a week away and the cold weather slowly encroaching a lot of the country, it’s important to know about Seasonal Affective Disorder in the workplace (also known as SAD) and how to best help your employees at this time.

Some common symptoms of SAD include (but are not limited to):
•Tiredness and lack of energy
•Inability to concentrate
•Persistent sad or depressed mood
•Feelings of helplessness
•Failing to enjoy once pleasurable activities
•Oversleeping or changes in sleep patterns
•Feelings of heaviness or helplessness

It’s important to note that SAD affects everyone differently. While this might be a very personal issue for your employees, it can affect you as an employer. Thankfully, there are some tips you can use to help your employee through seasonal depression and ensure they are at their best during this time of the year!

Tips on how you can help:
•Have an open door policy
•Allow for flexibility
•Encourage them to see a doctor or professional therapist
•Suggest breaks throughout the day
•Sunlight is your friend! Encourage an environment with plenty of it! Not sunny? Recommend a well lit space!

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