HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week

2021 is in full swing and this weeks HR Tip is a checklist to help you ensure that not only does the year start off on the right foot, but stays that way the whole year long! Look over this checklist to prepare yourself and make sure you and your staff are up-to-date on all new information and guidelines!

•W2s must be post-marked by January 21st. Verify current address and contact information for current and former employees so that W2s are mailed to the correct location.
•Does your employee handbook include policies on infectious disease, time off including paid time off benefits, professional appearance, and social media?
•HR Compliance: Do your forms, file retention, and workplace policies align with the latest changes in employment law?
•Salary and Wage benchmarking – Missouri minimum wage increased to $10.30/hr for hourly employees. Are you doing all you can to avoid wage compression for long-term employees?
•Schedule training!
•Map out your HR strategy and initiatives for 2021!

Don’t forget HRA is here to assist with a variety of HR needs. Visit our website for information about training, handbook review, compliance and employee relations needs!

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