HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week: How to Help Small Businesses Avoid HR Mistakes!

•Don’t Delay Hiring Good Talent
Since the economy and job market is recovering, more jobs are available, and the best candidates may be weighing other job offers. Instead of dragging out the hiring process, small businesses should interview all candidates for a position on the same day and ask them the same list of questions so they can easily compare and evaluate the applicants, she suggested. The employer can then decide who gets the job later the same day.

•Get an Employee Handbook
A lack of a written policy and an employee handbook can be costly. Employee handbooks should include workplace policies that are easy to understand, fair and consistent.

•Give Feedback and Rewards
Many small business owners get so worried about bringing in money and paying the bills that they neglect to give on-the-spot feedback to workers, which could motivate the employees and help the business grow. Small business owners should also set performance goals and award employees who meet them, he added. These rewards could be a staff barbecue or tickets to sporting or entertainment events.

•Onboard Employees Immediately
Small businesses waste time and lose business opportunities by not prepping employees before the first day of work. Get new employees business cards, a telephone line and benefits forms before their first day of work so they can hit the ground running. It is also important to let new employees know what tasks they need to complete before their first day.

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