HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week: 5 Tips for Maintaining Employee Engagement During Summer!

•Give People Time to Go Outside
Once an organization acknowledges people’s desire to be outside, it seems like a logical next step to actually offer to let employees leave early and blow off some steam once in a while.

•Encourage Vacations and Long Weekends
There is a tendency among U.S. workers to feel like they have to work, and organizations are doing little to encourage people to take a break. If management proactively and authentically pushes people to use their vacation time and has firm practices in place for offloading their work, employees will not only be more likely to take their vacation, but also will feel more loyalty to the organization and come back refreshed and ready to be productive.

•Walk It Out
One way to combat the afternoon slump, but still get some work done, is to have walking meetings. Instead of having a meeting in a conference room, turn them into afternoon walking meetings.

•Rewards With a Summer Theme
Tailor rewards around summer themes like outdoor concert tickets, extra paid time off, and even frequent-flier miles. These types of rewards do double duty by both recognizing performance and giving extra incentives to take time off.

•Flexible Summer Schedules
Employees will benefit with reduced commute times and the ability to spend a little more time with family or on personal activities, while at the same time feeling an improved connection with the organization in exchange for the work flexibility.

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