5 Ways Companies Can Support Pregnant Employees

5 Ways Companies Can Support Pregnant Employees

HR Tip of The week: 5 Ways companies can support expecting employees!

  1. Make the benefits process easy. 
    • Companies who want to support pregnant employees should start by looking at their benefits documentation, and strive to make it as simple and accessible as possible.
  2. Create Support Networks
    • Create communities where parents and parents-to-be can share openly about their experiences and seek support (they need it!).
  3. Educate employees on the “Are you Pregnant?” Question.
    • Start a conversation on the right and wrong ways to talk about pregnancy at work. A good rule of thumb is to treat pregnancy like you would any other health condition — and when in doubt, ask what the person is comfortable with.
  4. Make the “Unspoken” explicit. 
    • Instead of making dangerous assumptions about how a pregnant employee wants to be treated or what she would like to take on (or not), managers should have a conversation to get on the same page — and continue talking throughout the pregnancy in case circumstances or preferences change.
  5. Offer Encouragement!
    • If you see a pregnant colleague do something awesome, let them know! I can guarantee even the smallest of positive feedback will be extremely appreciated.

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