HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week: 3 Tips on how to attract the best summer talent for your company

  • Reach the right candidates
    • A recruiter is going to have the best understanding of the candidates who are currently on the market and can share relevant openings with candidates they’re already working with. Additionally, recruiters can help identify specific job boards, such as ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Monster, that cater specifically to workers seeking seasonal employment.
  • Offer competitive perks
    • Another way to attract top talent is to offer competitive perks. While there may be a perception that company perks apply only to full-time workers, that’s certainly not the case. Spend some time thinking critically about what candidates want out of their summer employment and how your organization can appeal to that.
  • Don’t underestimate the candidate experience
    • By creating a great experience, seasonal hires will be motivated to produce their best work and can also serve as a great talent pool for future, long-term positions. Finding, attracting, and securing seasonal talent is no easy task, but narrowing down the candidate pool in a strategic way, thinking about what motivates them, and creating a positive interview experience will almost certainly land you a great candidate.

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