HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week
HR Tip of the Week: How to fearlessly part ways with your employer!
When we break up with jobs, we aren’t just breaking up with our manager; we’re also breaking up with our co-workers, clients, and HR representatives. So, it’s important to value those relationships and break up softly with them as well. Follow these three best practices to make the break confidently and easily:
•It’s important to have a pre-breakup conversation with your manager. Once you’ve accepted another job offer, tell your manager that you’ve accepted a new job. Don’t just email your resignation letter without warning.
•If you work on a team or interface with stakeholders or clients, have a pre-breakup conversation with them as well. If you were serving them or working with them on projects, you may owe them deliverables.
•Lastly, notify your HR depart­ment, which makes your resignation final. HR needs to know what your last day of employ­ment will be so they can process personnel paperwork and conduct an exit interview, if needed.

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