HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of the Week: 7 Tips to survive the busy season at work!

Everyone can relate to the month of the year when it seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. No coming up for air. No chance to take a breather for a minute. Here’s 7 tips to help survive this difficult time!

Use this opportunity to include others. It’s a relief for you and a development opportunity for them. And be sure to cut them some slack. They may not do it just like you, but at least progress is made, and some of them may surprise you.
•Change Your Perspective
Typically, we tend to get more and more stressed because we have our focus on our own situations. You can change your energy and stress by changing your perspective. Shift your day-to-day away from stress and direct it toward how you can help team members achieve what’s meaningful to them. The word passion is not about enthusiasm, it’s about what we do or sacrifice for another. Be passionate about helping your people succeed, and they will help your company succeed.

•Schedule A Break
Walk around the building, find a quiet spot to listen to calming music or do some deep breathing. Leave at 5 p.m. and hit the gym. Working without breaks and for long hours will make it difficult for you to focus and be as sharp. It will end up being counterproductive.

•Set Proper Expectations
When your busy season hits, it’s essential that expectations are set properly with your customers and employees. If production delays are likely, be sure you inform anyone who is expecting your products or services is aware of the new timetable. It may mean that something you can usually do in a few hours may take a few days to complete. Missed deadlines are often one of the most common ways to create customer dissatisfaction. But with proper communication, it’s also avoidable.

•Reserve Work Time
Reserve a minimum of one full day in the office to work on projects and catch up on items. During the busy time, try to minimize how many meetings you’re scheduling or attending each day. This way, you have more time to complete projects or assist your employees. Plan ahead and prioritize work with clients as much as possible to avoid last minute demands and rushed projects.

•It’s Not You, It’s Me…
Don’t be the person who adds more stress to the season. Don’t let anyone else’s temperament or negativity drag you down. Try to keep your thoughts and conversations positive and calm.

•Don’t Over Commit & Under Deliver
Don’t overfill your schedule. It is okay to move or remove items/objectives based upon urgency and timeline for completion.

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