Sr Accountant

Location: Springfield, MO

Job Type: Full-time


Are you looking to work for a rapidly growing company that has a great culture and great benefits? HR Advantage is recruiting for a talented Senior Accountant for a Manufacturing company in Springfield. The ideal candidate is adaptable, problem solver, innovative, detail oriented, and confident in their work. A bachelor degree in Accounting is required and a CMA, along with 5 years experience, is preferred.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for all enterprise accounting functions and financial reporting, whether entries are made by oneself or another. Works with various organization staff to assure proper accounting system entries for financial and management accounting. Ensures that all information is both timely and accurate and that proper general accounting principles and practices as well as company policy and procedures are followed. Prepares and generates required reports.

2. Manages periodic closing processes. Prepares and reviews journal entries required for closing various accounting periods. Prepares periodic financial statements and analyzes them for completeness, accuracy, consistency, and adherence to government, insurer or creditor requirements. Tracks and reports on key metrics.

3. Prepares and maintains budgets. Creates and reviews budgets with executives and/or other company personnel. Analyzes budget trends and abnormalities and reports to executives.

4. Develops and maintains standard costs. Creates, reviews, and analyzes expense invoices, labor costs, and production reports to develop product costs. Reviews and analyzes product margins and alerts senior management regarding low-performing products.

5. Manages the accuracy, timeliness, and productivity of day-to-day activities. Administers accounts payable, cash disbursements, invoicing/billing, customer credits and collections, payroll, perpetual inventory integrity, fixed asset records, general & entity accounting, cost accounting, and Human Resources.

6. Implements internal audit procedures, controls, and checks across all departments. Works with other organizational personnel and outside consultants to document, organize and answer questions regarding the company’s recordkeeping processes and procedures.

7. Communicates required financial and performance data results. Explains and interprets reports related to financial accounting and performance data to appropriate individuals, answers accounting related questions and troubleshoots accounting issues.

8. Assures financial plans are consistent with organizational goals.

9. Interfaces with outside stakeholders. Communicates and cooperates with CPA firm, law firm, banks, lessors, insurance companies, credit card companies, collection agencies and regulatory agencies as needed or required.

10.Studies and reports on ways to improve recordkeeping systems. Examines existing procedures for more efficient and accurate methods and advises management regarding potential changes.

11.Performs other duties as necessary in support of business objectives in a dynamic economy. The position description is intended to guide the activities of the person in this position but is not intended to limit that person’s thinking and creativity as to the work of this function nor is it intended to describe all the work that may be required of this position.

Other Important Functions:

1. Supervises overall back-office operations.

2. Participates in the ongoing development, communication and implementation of team concepts, programs, and policies. Attends appropriate team meetings. Works to provide other team members with timely, necessary information. Accepts responsibility to quickly identify areas that lack cohesiveness and brings them to the attention of the team leader, working in a supportive manner to resolve issues. Looks for synergy within the organization as well as with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Maintains an attitude of energetic cooperation.

3. Attends and/or participates in company training.

4. Actively looks for improvements in company systems.

5. Keeps all company information confidential.

6. Looks for any government or contractual non-compliance issues.

7. Actively, continually, and progressively studies and pursues personal accounting knowledge, accounting trends and promulgations and overall business and communication skills.

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