HR Tip of The Week

HR Tip of The Week
HR Tip of the week: Noticing red flags that indicate potential problems with an application form, a CV, or a resume!
The presence of red flags or warning signs do not necessarily mean that a candidate should be rejected. However, additional information is needed before making a decision about whether or not to eliminate the candidate from contention for the open position. For HR’s perspective, it’s important to make a thorough assessment but not reject promising job applicants who could make ideal employees.
Some of these examples include but are not limited to:
•Is the applicant overqualified or underqualified for the position?
•Are there attempts to hide gaps in employment?
•Does the applicant take too much credit for projects that were completed by a team of people?
•Is the candidate’s career path inconsistent, with many lateral moves, changed professions, or short times spent in a position?
Screening phone calls may be used to clarify these red flags. An added benefit of such a screening call is that it may allow the interviewer to describe the job in more detail and answer questions.

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