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Photo of Candidate ID: 10000

Candidate ID: 10000
Chief Financial Officer / Controller

Highly efficient, organized professional with 10+ years’ experience in business management. Skilled in preparing and evaluating financial statements, budget, billing, payroll, HR planning/administration, new system deployment, and general ledger. Exceptional ability to build, lead, and train cross-functional teams.

Photo of Candidate ID 10451

Candidate ID 10451
Human Resources / Payroll / Bookkeeping

I offer dedication, attention to detail, ability to grasp new things quickly, and a passion for what I am doing.

Photo of Candidate ID: 10460

Candidate ID: 10460
Sales Manager / President / Executive Director nonprofit

Top level executive with background in sales and marketing delivering proven results in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. My passion is to help organizations enhance results through solid strategies and employee engagement.

Photo of Candidate ID: 10895

Candidate ID: 10895
Sales Representative

Self motivated with strong work ethic and leadership skills.

Photo of Candidate ID 10960

Candidate ID 10960
Operations / Administration / Consulting / Compliance Officer

A natural leader skilled in development, consulting, operations, and compliance.

Photo of Candidate ID: 12156

Candidate ID: 12156
Bookkeeping / Accounting / Data Analysis

I am a high energy team player, comfortable with analyzing and working with data to present answers to questions. I am a hands-on problem-solving individual with a background in running a well-established business.

Photo of Candidate ID: 12157

Candidate ID: 12157
HR Manager / Senior HR Manager / Senior HR Generalist / HR Business Partner / Director of HR

Need a talented a HR leader? I have more than 20 years of HR experience! Experienced in all areas of Human Resources.

Photo of Candidate ID 13887

Candidate ID 13887
Human Resources / Professional Development / Diversity, Equity, Inclusion programs

I am an emerging professional looking for a new opportunity where I can collaborate with a team that creates a positive impact in the community. I am most interested in enhancing and delivering high quality and timely professional development in the workplace.

Photo of Candidate ID 14012

Candidate ID 14012
Non-profit Organization Leadership / Public Relations / Marketing

Highly accomplished non-profit management executive with nearly 30 years of successful career experience.

Photo of Candidate ID 14671

Candidate ID 14671
Finance / Accounts Receivable / Office Assistant / Translator

Corporate Finance major with 4+ years of office environment experience providing direct professional assistance to the administrative staff, delivering and receiving messages, auditing financial collections, and working with cross-functional groups.

Photo of Candidate ID 15814

Candidate ID 15814
Sales Representative / Sales Associate

I am a highly self-driven individual who is a phenomenal communicator and listener that loves to help people find products and services that can better their lives. I am a tireless worker who has an unmatched work ethic and is a great team player who makes whatever team or company he is with better.

Photo of Candidate ID: 17323

Candidate ID: 17323
CEO / COO / Executive Director

Experience professional with abilities to manage people and operations as well as sales and fundraising experience.

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