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Photo of Candidate ID: 26171

Candidate ID: 26171

Company Representative / Customer Service in Office and in the Field / Staff Supervisor / Business Relations Manager
Industries worked in or interested in: Manufacturing, Medical, Banking

About Me

One of the things that I pride myself in is the education that I provide my customer. Giving them the opportunity to want to become my best and long-term client, whether it’s product or service. Also patience in knowing who on my staff to task with each assignment, and willingness to train and support where necessary. I’m a believer of the ‘Good to Great’ ideas presented by Jim Collins and I am constantly looking to expand and perfect my communication skills through professional online classes. Currently working through one now (with OTC) called Achieving Success with Difficult People. I have regular conversations with professionals in the area of HR management honing my skills to better relate to staff and better my understanding of the customer. Thank you for your consideration.

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